I’m Avenir Capito, a user experience designer in Seattle.

I care about making designs usable and fun, and do so through wireframes, prototypes, coding, and animations. I work and play at a design agency and through freelance projects.

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Some of my recent projects:

A mixture of UX design, prototyping, and development, for projects I’m passionate about.


Dev / Animation

Williams Helde Site

An agency site redesign means a chance to develop a new site with cool stuff and personality.

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UX Design / Animation

Philips Digital Demo Tools

Sales tools with lots of little interactive bits and animations to help sell connected devices.

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UX Design

CAS Info App

An informational iPad app with a phased approach, animations, and interactive content.

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UX Design / QA

Philips Online Store

An e-commerce site that also focused on integrating education and marketing resources for professionals as customers.

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Let’s be friends with professional benefits.

I’m always looking for exciting new projects on which to work, and creative thinkers with whom to partner.

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